Sarah Davis

About the Artist:
Sarah was born in Vestal, NY, where she started taking advanced art courses in high school. She is currently finishing up her B.F.A. and working on a Psychology minor in order to study art therapy and hopefully attain her Master’s degree in two years. She enjoys working in blown glass the most, followed closely by combining various materials to create her work. Currently, her work is about exploring the creation of her own language; a language specifically directed at repelling and interacting with the paranormal.

The paranormal has always been something of fascination to me. I grew up in a large house and being an only child, I was often left alone to my own thoughts. If I needed to go into any room alone, I would immediately sprint away when it was time to leave after turning off the lights, afraid that “things” had been lurking and waiting until the dark to come and get me. I don’t know yet if my childhood fear of the dark is what has been inspiring me to explore the supernatural now, but I know I am enjoying every second of it. It’s exciting to tell people that my work is about ghosts and see their reactions

My current work has lately been focused on a set of runes that I have developed myself. Each of these runes has a specific meaning when it comes to repelling or communicating with the paranormal. From the originals runes I have started to expand upon and develop my own language made with characters of my own design; I have an alphabet now and a simple number system that works much like Roman Numerals do.

With the development of the runes, I have started to take the time to put them into other mediums. Currently, I have my “protection” rune in neon and various other runes made out of hot sculpted glass. From these starting places, I plan to expand on turning these line drawings into objects made from glass.

More of my work can be found at:

Or through email:

Photo Oct 25, 7 03 10 PM
Piece for the “Pour Hard” show – “Not So Fond Memories”

Photo Oct 31, 8 29 30 PMPhoto Oct 31, 8 32 06 PM
Re-installation of “Not So Fond Memories” this time with neon and salt runes.


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