Melanie Jade Wulforst


About the Artist:
Melanie was born and raised in Long Island, NY where art was always a vital part of her life. She took nearly every art course offered at her high school and went on to attend Alfred University. She is currently living in Alfred, NY and is a senior working on completing her BFA with a concentration in ceramics. Her current work is rooted in childhood fantasy and magical, fictional realms. Melanie primarily throws on the wheel, then alters and hand-builds onto her pieces later. She is fascinated with the body movement and control that is necessary to throw pottery. Her love for movement is further expressed in other activities she does such as belly dance, swing dance, and horse back riding.

Artist Statement:
Living in a world as harsh as ours, it is entirely healthy and necessary for us to find a source of escape. My work comes from a place of myself that is childlike and filled with imagination and endless possibilities. I am a collector of ideas because it is vital to my process to always dream, stay inspired, and record every new idea that comes to me. I have a fascination with fantasy, magic, the occult, and mythical creatures. I am also very drawn to cultures and time periods that have unique, distinct characteristics, which I find a way to embellish and dramatize in my work. I create my pieces with the idea of some magical, wondrous place in mind. I choose to work in clay because it is malleable and easy to transform. It also lends itself well to elaborate decoration which I am extremely fond of. The best part of pottery is the utilitarian function after it is fired. Pottery allows me, and others like me, to bring elements of fantasy into every-day life. Clay is a means for my escapist, fantasy ideas to come full circle and become tangible; my ideas become a part of reality.

melaniewulforst (at) yahoo (dot) com
Tel: +1.631.374.2336

Selected pots from:

“Romanticized Antiquity”
Melanie Jade Wulforst
Cone 10 glazed stoneware and found objects
December 6th, 2013
4’ x 6’ installation







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