Meg Cohen


"Does it Hurt?"

“Does it Hurt?”, Ceramics and mixed media, 2013.

Artist Statement:
Something that has always dumbfounded me is how two people developing in relatively the same environments can end up so radically different from one another. I start to wonder if there is something else other than experience that can shape a person’s thoughts and actions; something less tangible and more philosophical perhaps. My art, as it stands right now, is a form of meditation for me in which by focusing on something material, I am able to continuously process the information. So really, my art is a tangible result of my curiosity. I do not focus on finding the answers I want through art, however by creating art, I am able to satisfy my curiosity.


Meg Cohen was born in the winter of 1992 in Danbury CT; however her family relocated when she was age two to Poughquag, a small town in upstate New York. From a young age, Meg had a need to create in order to express her inner emotions which she found difficult to do. Currently a senior ceramicist at Alfred University, Meg plans to expand her education into veterinary sciences in the next two years at Alfred State College while continuing to create her work independently.


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