Lynn-Marie Veverka


About the Artist:
Lynn-Marie Veverka, took her first breath in Atlanta, Georgia, in the spring of 1992. Currently, she is residing in the Adirondacks, where is she surrounded by mountains and her loving family. Lynn is eldest of nine, which is of great contribution to her work. She is working towards her B.F.A and minor in Marketing, at Alfred University School of Art and Design, in Alfred New York. In fall of 2013 she TA’ed Junior Painting, and has featured work in several Painting Club shows which she is heavily involved in. Her concentrations include glass, glass blowing, water based media and oil. Currently, her work feeds off of her interest in human interaction, intimate relationships, and her pure desire to create portraits

Artist Statement:

I strive to intrigue and enlighten my viewer’s senses and memory; to illuminate what could be seen as mundane. To focus attention on the overlooked. I am heavily influenced by my surroundings, they are the very substratum of my work; siblings, upbringings, and family relations, as well as overall relationships. My work consists of understandings about family and relationships I have come to, and moments I not only wish to, but feel obligated to share. 

Through images, I contextualize intimate portraits, ‘snapshots’ in a sense. I actively employ both colour and light. Through the process of layering, I develop and build up to an accurate rendering. I relate to this method in the sense that each layer effects and interacts with the next; using a relationship to depict a relationship.

In contrast to my paintings, I enjoy designing functional items and semi-functional glass pieces. They juxtapose themselves into my work, in terms of the ‘every-day experience’ aspect. By employing the transparency of glass, and how it seamlessly lends itself to layering, I have harnessed it as a means of distortion in my work. Subsequently, alongside glass, water-based media with glimpses of oil paint, perform best to narrate my work in the purest, most relatable way.


More work at

or contact  through email at Veverka.lynn(at)

-Lynn-Marie Veverka


_DSC0079 _DSC0081 _DSC0082 _DSC0085


Simple Lamps no. 1-6 with details. Blown Glass, wiring, sockets. 2013


“Trees” Watercolour, 24X24″, 2013.


“No. 6/9 & No. 9/9″ Watercolour, 34×24″, 2013.


“No. 9″ Watercolour, 34×24″, 2013.


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