Julie Slattery



Julie Slattery is from Binghamton NY where she graduated from Seton Catholic Central High School and works as a cake decorator in a local bakery. She is currently a Senior at Alfred University School of Art and Design, concentrating in glass and metal casting. She originally started as a 2-d artist working in charcoal and watercolor but moved toward sculpture when she began studying at Alfred University and was given access to sculpture facilities. She has showed work in the Roberson Museum in Binghamton and in the Binghamton First Friday art walk. Julie has also assisted artist Johan Cretan with his work in the Fall 2013 semester.  After she graduates from Alfred she plans to do some traveling to gather inspiration and possibly continue her education abroad.

Artist Statement

It is human nature to become attached to certain things in life. We all experience the question of holding on or letting go. Through my work I explore a variety of different themes. From feelings of comfort and clarity to feeling fearful of aging and death. By contrasting the two extremes it creates an element of surprise. I am constantly questioning life and death and feeling afraid of getting old and what happens after death. I use art to project my emotional response and cope with these questions and feelings.  With the Mediums of glass and metal, I like to play with ways of giving these materials a feeling of weightlessness.


IMG_0803 IMG_0844



Aluminum and Glass



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