Jessica Clacherty

Artist Statement

The goal of my work is to create pieces that are aesthetically pleasing, while also focusing on their processes. I use conceptual information as more of my structure or process, than as an idea being portrayed. I enjoy playing and exploring with different ways to manipulate a material.

I choose to work mostly with found materials and found information, such as patterns and color. Fabric is more specifically the type of found material I enjoy working with. I enjoy the “baggage” that comes with these items. As for found patterns, there is something very intriguing about the subtle arrangements that happen in nature. When I find something that interests me, I respond. I respond in more of a structural way than a conceptual way. At that point, I see where the idea takes me and do less planning than making.

I have experimented with many different mediums and I enjoy working with fabric and neon the most. Just recently, I began to experiment with the mark-making and line qualities of embroidery and stitch work. I am interested in the way that fabric and neon can possibly work together. Although, not a usual or safe couple, I’d like to see how I can layer the two over each other, or use fabric in neon frames. Oddly enough, I consider myself to be a three dimensional artist, but both of these mediums can be used either two dimensionally or three dimensionally. I have been using both recently in a very flat manner but would like to explore more in the three dimensional realm with the two of them together.


I am an only child from Long Island, New York. I attended grade school in Longwood School District. I’ve always been interested in the arts, I dance for 15 years, and always loved art class in school. I also used to pretend to be a teacher to my friends when I was younger. These two loves collided when, in high school, I decided I wanted to study to be an art teacher.  Still set on these goals, I am a senior at Alfred University, studying art and education. After graduation, I will be attending graduate school on Long Island for Childhood Education and then moving down south to begin my career as an educator.

Show Proposal

Exhibition Space 1st Choice: Center of floor space

Exhibition Space 2nd Choice: Any other floor space

Approximate Dimensions: 3 ft H x 5 ft L x 2 ft W

Additional Information: It will be a free standing table, and possibly be needing outlets for transformers beneath.

Description of the finished piece:

I plan on building a big sensory experience table. I want to have moveable pieces that the viewer can interact with and create their own compositions. I will play with weight, color, texture and possible connections available between all the pieces. I plan to built my own table with holes and different elements for building upon. Most of the piece will be soft sculpture, hand-sewn objects, and a hand-built table.

I am studying to be a teacher and this is the first piece I’m making that I feel is specifically related to my future field. I currently teach two year olds and also work with a few students with special needs. An important thing for these children and their development is sensory experience. I want to create something that I know they will enjoy exploring with as much as any other person.




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