Haley Jelinek

Haley Jelinek


Haley Jelinek is a senior on her way to get a BFA at Alfred University School of Art and Design at the New York State College of Ceramics. She will be graduating in May 2014 and is highly concentrating in glass blowing and sculpture. She has shown work in the Biennial Neon and Light Exhibition at the University of Wisconsin in early 2013.

The complexities of the natural world are what fuels Haley’s artistic abilities. She is an observer and is always searching for a new or different perspective. Self sustainability is important in her work as well as the relationship between humans and nature.

She is also a part of a community arts project called Alzheimer’s Glass and Iron. The project goes out into nursing homes in the community and paints with patients diagnosed with alzheimer’s and dementia. Haley is certified through Memories in the Making to carry out painting activities with the elderly, and will continue this life changing project after she graduates at Salem Art Works (SAW), in the summer of 2014.

Artist Statement

My mission is to bring attention to the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. Working with the way people interact with the phenomenal systems of the wilderness and incorporating them into the home is very inspirational to my work. Through collaboration with the great outdoors I am producing sculptures containing glass, wood, and most importantly living ecosystems or repurposed forest matter. The only reason we are here is because of these systems and if I can help or encourage others to also have an undeniably strong relationship with nature as a whole, my vision has served its purpose.

Currently, I have been planting various plants, including vegetables and herbs, in blown glass shapes that hang over the edge of a table (shown below), and experimenting with form and tension within these ‘planters’. Self sustainability, especially in today’s economy, is very important to this work and my life. Not only am I working towards sustainability in food but the sustainability and everlasting qualities of glass and nature working together.


hhj1[at alfred.edu]

Telephone: 814-464-7970


On the Edge, 2013

Haley Jelinek

  1. On the Edge

Blown glass, organic soil, succulents, each are 4” x 3” x 6”, 2013, $20.00 each

For questions about pricing please contact me.


3 thoughts on “Haley Jelinek

  1. Haley: I got goose bumps when I saw this. Congratulations. You are awesome!!! Too CooI! I would like to order two of your glass planters. How can I pay for them and also for the shipping. It would be an honor to own a piece of your work.
    Cruz-Ann ( if you don’t remember me. Your dad’s friend)

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