Gracia Nash


Gracia Nash

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Gracia Nash grew up in Fredonia, New York and currently attends Alfred University studying Art and Education. She is a member of the Honors society at Alfred University and is currently a Teacher’s Assistant for the Fall Glass/Metal Casting class, and will T.A. for the spring 2014 Glass Casting Class. Her work focuses on sculpture, created primarily through glass casting and mixed media. When she began her studies at Alfred University in 2009, her work began to change from 2-D to 3-D. She developed an interest in glass and other 3-D practices, focusing on casting and sculpted creations, while still incorporating her 2-D practice and love for craft. She grew up with an appreciation for the natural and the abstract, and her work touches upon this interest. After her graduation in 2014, Gracia plans to travel, begin Grad School, and explore opportunities in Education.

Artist Statement:

“I am a collector of archival natural objects, like bones, skulls and animal pelts, as well as objects I collect off the ground like stones and insects. I often bring these objects into my art and use them as sources of inspiration. I am also drawn to imperfect, worn and incomplete objects, and use my practice to complete and mend them.

I have also currently been exploring process in my artistic practice. I believe that introducing process to a piece brings not only a sense of the maker, but also proof of time. This interest has led me to mediums like glass casting and mixed media sculpture created through hand-oriented processes like sewing and woodworking. In glass casting I am drawn to the processes of mold making and firing kilns; both are time consuming, specific, and demanding. Art processes done by hand, like sewing, interest me because each stitch is a moment that captures the time and conscious effect required to make it.”


Pieces in “Post Present” show, December 2013, Hornell, NY:

  1. The Giver

Gracia Nash

Coyote Pelt, Coyote Skull, Steel, Mixed Media.



2.  Mended

Gracia Nash

Coyote Pelt, Coyote Skull, Steel, Mixed Media.


rams skull front on

3.  Steps

Gracia Nash

Glass, Enamels, Wood.



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