Erin LeBrun


For the Post Office show I would like to continue my work that explores the ideas of memories and how we relate them back to physical objects. I plan to present a series of interpretations off of a drawing that I did when I was 6 years old. Along with this will also be a small book and several other toys/mementos. Everything will be presented on a large area rug in a playful/interactive manner.


I have been working with the exploration of the lost and forgotten and the relationships between memories and physical representations of them. For the first exploration of the project I asked my mother, father, and myself for the object that has been held onto the longest and had the most meaning. All of the pieces I received were things that are put in closets or other locations where they are really ever seen but are held onto as a physical manifestation of the memories. I then worked to recreate these objects in ways that they could become relevant again; to become beautiful and presentable representations of these memories.

CAM00071 My mother gave me stacking rings that she had held onto from my sister and mine’s childhood.

CAM00078My father gave me a t-shirt from his very first trip to Disney World.

poofyAnd I chose a drawing that I did when I was 6 years old of my favorite stuffed animal that I had.

CAM00873This was the presentation of the works. It didn’t come out as perfectly as planned due to some technical complications in creating the works but it went over quite well and gave me new ideas on where to go with the work.

CAM00876Every one sat and interacted with the work and talked about their past and also investigated the information and background information I had presented alongside the pieces.

Here is the statement that accompanied the project : artist statement mementos

And here is the back story questionnaires that I also presented with the work.  mom memeneto, dad memento,

My questionaire part 1, My Questionnaire Part 2

After the presentation I realized that I wanted to do some deeper investigations and really work on how to present the work and the background information. While I am still working with the other mementos, I have begun to focus in on my personal memento since I can relate to it and try to understand what exactly is being accomplished.

I have handed out the drawings to people all across the art school and will be presenting the interpretations that I receive back. I will also be putting together a book that will give the interpretations some backing and history to them.  I want to have a rug on the floor and then all the interpretations spread out like toys and also have the book there too.


I would like to present in the main entry way with the marble floor. Preferably in front of the couch but if not I’ll go off to the side in the corner area. My piece will either be on a carpet 8 ft by 10 ft or 12 ft by 10 ft.


CAM00951 (1)

Title Card

Sit, Play, Remember

Erin LeBrun

Blown Glass, Kiln Cast Glass, Wood, Handmade Book, Carpet

*dog interpretations created by other artists


8′ by 11′


Bio and Artist Statement



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