Emily Craddock

Emily Craddock

Artist Statement:

Memories – everyone has them. They shape whom and what we are.  They come and go quickly and aren’t always given the deserved recognition of their existence – whether they are beautiful, inspirational, or even life altering.  My goal as an artist is to create a portfolio of visual memories that capture particular moments from the past that deserve homage.  My fascination of time is an interest that drives my work to be what it is.  This particular piece is a personal one.  It is a sweet memory from childhood that I share with my older sister and my dad.  The beginnings of my love of nature, life, and family started from walks on Fernandina Beach and this early memory of collecting with them shark’s teeth that had washed up on the shore.




*picture not available

 From the Walks of Fernandina

Ice, Glass, Fishing Line, and Salt, 2013



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