Elsie Geno

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Bio: I’m a senior at Alfred University in the department of Sculpture/Dimensional studies with a concentration in glass. Bing a Minnesota native, I grew up in cold winters so naturally I was drawn to hot glass as a medium. I have worked with various glass artists such as Angus Powers, David Royce, and Michael Boyde. I am also the president of Alfred’s Glass Club and have been the teaching assistant to the sophomore glass class. I look forward to continuing my discoveries in class after I graduate in the spring.



I approach work with a grain of salt, understanding that my process often leads me to a different place from where I started. This understanding has led me to working with thoughts and how we try to keep them hidden, share them, or forget them. Thoughts these invisible ideas that I want to try to bring to life using text, optics and space.









Project Proposal:

This piece will need its own room if not a large area to itself. I haven’t been able to see what the spaces look like yet.

This is an installation that will require a bit of drilling and gluing to surfaces.

The major concept behind this piece is representing thoughts in multiple ways using optics and illusion. I am using the space as a major influence of the piece as the phrases will be molded in the material of the space.





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