Autumn Newcomb

       Autumn Newcomb is a senior Art and Design major at Alfred University graduating with a BFA in May, 2014.  She grew up most of her life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Her work recently experiments with blown glass, fabric, print processes, neon and video.  When she isn’t creating artistic masterpieces, she is dancing, daydreaming and playing.  

      Growing upward is inevitable, but only you can prevent imagination fires.  My quest is to kindle people’s inner goofy-ness and celebrate weirdness. My creations play and explore with the world of never wanting to grow up, and bring it to life through visual stimulation. By doing this I am tending to my Peter Pan syndrome. Through constantly evolving and being open to experimentation, my work recently translates through glass, print processes, soft sculpture, and neon.  As I develop these skills in various mediums, I am simultaneously developing my style as an artist and a designer.


Growing Upward

Faux greenery, Fabric, Glass, Neon, Electricity, Love. 12’x6′ (2013)


The Queen Daddy Apparatus

Glass, Neon, Mercury, Aerosol Paint, Electricity.  (2013)

Photograph: Vinn Feng


Grandpa Queen

Handblown, sculpted glass. 5″×3″  (2013)


Queen Daddy

Hand-stitched soft sculpture. 8″x4″  (2013)



Hand-stitched soft sculpture. 12″x5″  (2013)


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