Alexandria Garcia


Artist Bio

Alexandria is a chicana, who grew up in Salt Lake City, UT in Rose Park. Rose Park is a racially diverse suburb with immigrants hailing from all over the world but primarily it is a hispanic community. Living in this community helped form her identity as an artist, as it plays a role in the concepts surrounding her work.

has exhibited  works in the Turner Gallery, in a show titled Subversive Turf. She was a co-leader for a mural capstone project in the Women’s Leadership Center of Alfred University.

Alexandria is currently finishing her last year of a bachelors degree in fine art at Alfred University, School of Art and Design. She also will graduate with minors in Women’s and Gender studies, Spanish, and Art History. Upon graduation Alexandria will travel to Lebanon to serve an artist residency.

Artist Statement

My work focuses on what is considered to be exotic or “other” through the mediums of blown glass, painting and found objects. I comment on the objectification and general viewership that the “other” is subjected to, in the context of American culture. I am investigating this though the idea of a bell jar being used to both encapsulate and separate the other. Yet, it also invites the viewer’s curiosity and creates an allure that is associated with the foreign. My bell jars reference the cabinets of curiosities from the Victorian time period. These collections were found among the wealthy elite to display their collections of oddities and specimen from lands foreign to Europeans. My other subject that I use to investigate this relationship is the bird cage. Similar to a tropical bird, women from ethnicities outside of the mainstream culture carry an allure and an air of exoticism. They tend to be encapsulated and desired in much of the same way as a tropical bird. I use text to create a self-aware environment for the viewer that calls to attention her/his role as a voyeur. My projects focus specifically on the tension between a subject of desire and a separation of objectivity. I will continue to investigate my ideas about American culture and the phenomenon of ‘other’ in relation to women and ethnicity.








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